These Tips Can Help You Choose Sunglasses For Motorcycle Riders

This is not just a matter of style when riding a motorcycle wearing sunglasses. However, basically, the purpose of wearing sunglasses is because you don’t want to be dazzled when riding a motorcycle on the road on a hot afternoon. Using sunglasses when driving will indeed make it more comfortable because the blinding sun can be reduced. Or, if the helmet does not have a mirror, it can prevent the eye from getting dust or other dangerous objects. However, there are some rules to choose the top motorcycle glasses for riding.

Here are a few simple steps for choosing sunglasses for motorbike driving:

Adjust the riding needs

Some driving glasses are made to withstand winds at high speeds or even slow and for short and long distances. So, determine the right glasses in accordance with the character of personal driving. Don’t let your eyes water because of the wind.

Glasses with UV protection

Choose sunglasses that have UV protection features. Glasses with UV protection can minimize the ultraviolet (UV) rays that attack the eye. With the UV protection feature, the driver will feel comfortable, because vision will be shadier.

Choose a polarized lens

There are many types of lenses that we can choose. However, specifically for riding a motorcycle, choose sunglasses that have polarized lenses. This material can function as a photochromic (able to absorb sunlight up to 98%) and can adjust to UV light.

In other words, when in the room, the lens of the glasses can turn bright so the display will be brighter. And when outside the room, the lens will automatically turn dark, so that sunlight will not make the eyes glare.

The choice of lens color must be correct

Just like polarized lenses, lens colors also affect contrast and clarity. For some people, copper provides the best level of contrast and can sharpen colors like green and red.

Meanwhile, in low light conditions, the yellow lens is also able to increase contrast and reduce glare.

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