In Prayer Patience Is Important

You might feel that every prayer that is praised to God has not been answered. But, don’t even think about doubting Him, because God is the only Almighty God. If your belief is wavering, believe that God hears all your prayers. If you feel your go here has not been granted, then be patient. If you want to make sure all the prayers you say are heard by God, here are some secrets you can do to make sure your prayers are answered by God.

As we know, the subject of prayer is to ask God to plead for our wishes, as we carry out and try our best to achieve that purpose. A prayer is a form of endeavor. if prayer is not accompanied by effort, then similar to someone who wants to futuristic to a place but he does not try to set foot, then he will not reach his destination. In the case of prayer requests, if we believe that God is all-powerful and acceptable, surely the request will be granted by God but if we are not sure, doubtful of God’s mercy, then God will not allow his prayer.

How much of a problem do you face but without patience? How many of you want to pay the price to have patience? An illustration of this with the parable of a farmer who is patiently waiting for rain. When a farmer plants his seeds, he does not reap directly from the results the next day or a few more days. He was patient until it rained and nourished the soil, then it took some time to reap the results. When the harvest is when he reaps from the results of his patience. The point of this discussion is to be patient until the Lord’s return. You are that farmer. You plant kindness, share love, and sacrifice, it seems to have no meaning. All the suffering you experience does not automatically reap the rewards. Sometimes we have to wait until Jesus comes to glorify us. But many farmers finally give up and then become impatient. They return to worldly ways that shame the name of God. Patience will produce a great harvest.