Handle Premature Ejaculation Without A Hassle

Do you feel that you have a problem regarding sexual satisfaction or sexual desire? It could be that you experience a condition called sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction can be experienced by both men and women. Without treatment like the ejaculation trainer program, this disorder can worsen with age. When a man has an orgasm for a short time, usually before penetration or shortly after penetration, this condition is called premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is included in one of three types of ejaculatory disorders that are a sign of someone having a sexual dysfunction. Besides premature ejaculation, other ejaculatory disorders that become sexual dysfunction are slow ejaculation and reverse ejaculation.

Meanwhile, other symptoms of sexual dysfunction that commonly occur in men is a decrease in libido or desire to have sex. Usually, this is related to the problem of testosterone levels in the body. When this hormone decline is in the acute phase, a man may not want to have sex at all. In addition to factors related to hormonal conditions, sexual dysfunction in men and women can occur due to psychological factors and medical or physical conditions. Stress, anxiety and excessive worry affect sexual dysfunction, and certain diseases such as diabetes, neurological disorders, cardiovascular problems also play a role.

In women, sexual dysfunction leads to pain, response, and orgasm when having sex. While in men, this disorder involves impotence or erectile dysfunction and loss of sexual desire. However, this is not considered rare, because at least 31 percent of men and 43 percent of women have experienced it. If you experience it, do not be afraid to tell your expert doctor. If this problem occurs because you are stressed, you can visit a psychiatrist to tell stories and get the best solution to reduce the negative effects that might occur. If this happens due to hormones, the doctor can give medicines to stabilize the hormones in the body. Sexual dysfunction is a problem that should not be taken lightly. Immediately handle it because if it occurs in a long time will significantly affect a person’s sexual activity.

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